Vitas - and ME.

Vitas' New Album Drop In TEN DAYS OMG

Track Listing!

01 Say You Love
02 Love Me!
03 I Thank You!
04 Old Residents Of Love
05 An Autumn Leaf (remix)
06 Forever With You
07 A Kiss(remix)
08 Doves - Swans
09 Ladies And Knights
10 I Have Never Loved You
11 Cry In A Whisper
12 Inaccessible
13 Poplar


La Donna E Mobile (music video)

order now from the official site!

but if you want to wait, other places to check after the release date!


omg i am so excited for this album!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
Vitas: halloween

not dead!!!- Just really busy

FINALLY we have news!

Vitas' homepage updated yesterday with a new song, dedicated to the victims of the Chinese earthquake.

Mommy and Son.mp3 - Vitas

download it by right-clicking HERE

this song was composed by Vitas based on experiences told to him by chinese friends. It's so sad, but wonderful at the same time. I teared up listening to it.

On a happier Planet Vitas has updated with new photos and video!!

from the handful of china events:
I LOVE these photos, he is absolutely stunning!

candid shots:
most of these i had seen in the vitas photo archive, but a few are new to me. :)

Any new Vitas info in your corner of the world (or internet) feel free to share it!

oh and have a Happy Halloween!


Chinese media translations

I told zestylime I'll translate Chinese media for this community, so if you have anything (texts or videos) you want me to translate, feel free to ask! At the moment, here are two translations for you all. These are all direct translations from the source, unaffected by my own opinions (which I may or may not add in italics). I don't know what tags to add for this post so, mods, feel free to add them or change the subject.

Yaojee's post on 2009-09-13:

Yaojee's blog is the go-to source of latest news for Chinese fans. He is very fluent in Russian and would scour for Russian news about Vitas and translate them. Thus, he has become Vitas and Pudovkin's go-to guy if they want to pass any message to the Chinese fans. For two years he would post a few times per week, until Sept 2nd 2008 when he abruptly bade farewell. The last two posts after that date were direct messages from Vitas and his management to him, which I guess he felt inclined to post. Perhaps Yaojee is busy, but I hope he resumes his Vitas obsession. =)

News: Received V management request for a list of Chinese songs for Vitas to sing

Management sent a mail requesting the following:

Mr. Pudovkin hopes for everyone's opinion, someone suggested one of Tu Hong Gang's songs, questions:

1. I'm thinking of producing this song (referring to Tu Hong Gang's song), is this song very popular in China?
2. Are there any more suggestions? Please suggest the most popular, most suitable for Vitas to perform.

Zhu Hong Gang's song can be downloaded here.

Same question for knowledgeable V fans, if you have good suggestions, please reply in 2 days, or e-mail to here. If they are suitable, I will definitely send them to V's management.

Original Post:

Sorry for the colours. Green are Yaojee's words, blue are the admin's and orange are Pudovkin's. I've uploaded the song to mediafire, so you don't have to navigate the chinese host site. The file is corrupted, the end doesn't play properly for me. Seems like Vitas is not done singing in Chinese after Tibetan Plateau. He is also intending to sing Star in chinese.


Vitas' entry on

Baidu is like the Chinese's Wikipedia. I'm not sure about the validity of the information presented, considering how they got his birth year wrong too, but an interesting read nonetheless. I'm just going to translate the first two sections.

Personal Information
Name: Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachyov
Stage name: Vitas
Birthday according to management: 19 February 1981
Nationality: Ukranian
Birth Place: Latvia
Current Residence: Moscow, Russia
Vitas' height, weight, etc are not given by his management.
According to estimates given by fans who have seen him,
Height: About 178~183 cm
Weight: About 60~70 kg (Pre-2003 estimates were only 50 plus kg)

Rise to Fame History
Some say that Vitas is not completely a stage name, but an affectionate way of calling Vitaliy in Latvian language (this may be true). When he was 3, his entirely family moved to Odessa, Ukraine. Most people believe, Vitas' producer Sergey Pudovkin discovered Vitas in Odessa purely by accident. Then, Pudovkin had to go to Odessa for business and a friend suggested that he go to the local "comedy and miming theater" to watch a performance. Vitas was working as an extra there then, and participated in that performance. When Vitas appeared on the stage, his obvious talent left a deep impression on Pudovkin: he turned from a little girl to a young lady with speed, then became a man, and finally an old woman. He can even use different voices to speak. Thus, Pudovkin decided to bring him back to Moscow to nurture him into a star. At that time, he did not know of Vitas' unique vocals. He didn't even know that Vitas could sing! But Pudovkin believed he had met a very gifted boy, and that he could nurture him into a star, no matter what type. At last, when Pudovkin realised Vitas has that kind of extraordinary vocals, he started to groom him as a singer. People are not very sure if this is true, but it is a fact that Vitas worked at a theater in Odessa before. They are just suspicious if Pudovkin really did not know of Vitas' unusual vocals then. Vitas never accepts media interviews personally, this is the direction of Pudovkin. Instead, Pudovkin takes Vitas' place in many interviews. Now, if newspapers report on interviews with Vitas, people knows it is not true because Vitas never interact with reporters directly. But he will interact with his fans during concerts, and this is enough. The fans who have taken a group photo with  Vitas say he is a very sanguine person, very easy to talk to. He seems more like a simple and pure boy, and not an arrogant singing celebrity. His fame has not caused him to become proud (at least this is so even until now).


Vitas: Smile


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What's new in Vitasland? Well sadly, not much.. Lots of concerts in Russia, and new tours (though not dates) announced for Canada, Europe, and Australia. There's also the movie Mulan coming out in China soon, where Vitas has a role, and also sings on the soundtrack. Hopefully we will see it in the States around Christmas.